The Dream Journal of Swedenborg and art's potential for healing dreams...

I have been working with dreams's potential for spiritual growth and healing, through art, for many years, and always look for inspiration from others following a similar path. Emanuel Swedenborg was a Swedish scientist, philosopher and mystic who lived in London for a period. In 1744 he underwent a spiritual awakening that transformed him from a respected natural scientist, engineer and inspector of mines for the Swedish government into a man who after his mystical experiences, explored the cosmos, conversing with angels and analysing the structure of the spiritual world, and yet always keeping his scientific eye on what he was experiencing.

He wrote various books about his explorations and there is a beautiful Museum about him in London.

Swedenborg had the most amazing dreams, and kept a journal of these. The whereabouts of the diary was lost for various decades, but finally discovered in the Royal Library in the 1850s and was published in 1859 as Drömboken, or Journal of Dreams. Swedenborg's beautiful, enigmatic notes and dream diaries create a language which speaks to the eyes of the mind and emotions of the heart, elaborating a personal mythology composed of contemporary kings and courtiers, strange women in black, men on horseback, dogs, snakes, windows and chambers.

Inspired by Swedenborg work, artist Katherine Tulloch painted vibrant watercolours drawing also on alchemical illustrations. Her paintings on paper, are meticulous and luminous.

For almost 8 months, I have been engaged on a modern voyage similar to Swedenborg, with a group of people working with dreams through art, meditation and drawing. Dreams can be absolutely wonderful but also frightening, and yet if we use art to work with these, we allow them to speak to us and provide us with insight, healing and transformation, enabling the telling of a new story, a new dream, and weaving new cloth that actually can impact our lives productively and in a positive way.

Drawing by Katherine Tulloch

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