About Me

I am Maria Lusitano, an heart medicine energy healer and mystic. In my practice I weave Western science based Medicine with spiritual healing  I hold a degree in Medicine concluded in 1997 (Portugal, EU) and was a practicing doctor for 10 years.


Since 2011 I engaged in a profound spiritual journey, and relentless quest for truth exploring Dzogchen, Sufism and Western Mystical Practices which led me to experience a spiritual awakening in 2016. I moved then, to more embodied heart centred practices.  I have worked in my past as an international artist and a healer. My unique line of work weaves western science with spirituality, and I work with energy medicine, heart centred practices and art. I hold a PhD as a visual artist, taken at University of Westminster.

Education and Certifications

University of Coimbra 1990-1997

Degree in Medicine, University of Coimbra, Portugal.

General Practicioner Internship at Pulido Valente Hospital 1997-1999

18 monts Internship doing internships in Gynecology/Obstetrician, Pediatrics. Internal Medicine, Surgery, and weekly Urgency ward.

PhD in Visual Arts, University of Westminster 2011-2015

I concluded a PhD in Visual Arts in 2015. I was a practicing artist since 1997. I run workshops exploring art and mystical practices since 2015. My workshop on Dream yoga was offered in Museums, Universities such as Goldsmiths University, Art Spaces (IKLECTIK) and online. The workshop "Drawing the soul, speaking the heart", offered online, was part of CREiA an online virtual school offering courses about a mindful art practice.

Helios Foundation, 2017-2020 and ongoing

I work with Greg Branson and Robin Baldock, the founders of Helios Foundation, a charity offering Holistic Therapies and Heart Centred Spiritual School. I participate in their Enlightenment Intensives retreats since 2017 and work on a weekly basis with them. .

Sufi Circle

I am part of a Sufi Circle, led by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe is a physician, Sufi Master Healer, and Spiritual Guide pioneering Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH).

Thomas Hubl Course Collective Trauma Healing

Bullet point

My Philosophy

I am interested in medical science and the use of ancestral wisdom from a varied number of wisdom traditions, for the purpose of healing.